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Jaclyn Brandt has more than 10 years of experience in journalism, blog writing, and industry-specific news.

Local News

Living on Lava

It’s no secret Central Oregon sits on and near volcanoes—but is having them erupt in our lifetime an actual threat?

Bend Source Weekly

Waiting For a Dial Tone

Idaho’s suicide hot line can’t be plugged back in soon enough.

Boise Weekly

Getting North To South Via East

The extension of 27th Street will allow for an east side pass-through — but it could come with some big cuts for one local club.

Bend Source Weekly

Head Games: Idaho's New Rules Aim to Prevent Concussions

“My son got two concussions in the 8th grade. He finished the season and hasn’t played since.”

Boise Weekly

New Rooms At The Inn

Bethlehem Inn moves into its new building and even joins the Tour of Homes to show off its new spaces for displaced people.

Bend Source Weekly

The Other Six Days

How local farms prepare for the Capital City Public Market.

Boise Weekly

How To Handle The Housing Crisis?

As a UGB proposal is approved by the City Council, Bend 2030 works toward solutions on other parts of the home front.

Bend Source Weekly

The Economic Beat Of Warm Springs

Innovation promises security on the reservation.

Bend Source Weekly

Hotel Debate

Northeast neighbors are concerned about a change to city code, allowing for an extended stay hotel near their homes.

Bend Source Weekly

Do You Want Fries With Your Poverty?

Income-equality gap tied to lack of access to healthy foods, poor health and even death.

Boise Weekly

State Of The County

Commissioners weigh in on the biggest issues facing Deschutes County.

Bend Source Weekly

Arts & Entertainment

State Of The Arts

The City of Bend cut its Arts, Beautification Culture Commission this year. Where does that leave support for the arts in the City?

Bend Source Weekly

Punks on a Play Date

The Frontman of the Bouncing Souls Makes a Kids Album.

Boise Weekly


Oregon’s Tamolitch Blue Pool hike: How to get there

If you are looking for a great hike in the Western United States, a Tamolitch Blue Pool hike is an easy in-and-out trip with a beautiful destination.

Travel Spark

Visiting Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

If you are traveling to Italy, visiting the city of Pompeii and hiking Mount Vesuvius are must-see locations. There are so many Italian cities with amazing history, but none have been preserved the way Pompeii has.

Travel Spark

Why you won’t want to visit London for the royal wedding

While it may seem tempting to visit Britain for the May 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there are some reasons you why you won’t want to visit London for the royal wedding — and why you should just stay home and watch it on TV.

Travel Spark

Visiting the Vatican: Everything you need to know

From the Sistine Chapel to the Vatican Museums to St. Peter’s Basilica, you could spend days at The Vatican soaking it all in.

Travel Spark

Europe’s new visa rules: Why it could double the cost of your trip

A vote by the European Union (EU) Parliament in early March could have a big effect on U.S. travelers headed to Europe, but many don’t realize what a massive effect it actually could be.

Travel Spark

How to spend one day in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy can be a trip of a lifetime. But you don’t need a lot of time there to really experience everything the city has to offer. Here are some tips and tricks on how to spend one day in Venice, Italy.

Travel Spark

Hawaii volcanic eruption could affect tours in the area

Those traveling to Hawaii in the next few weeks should pay attention to a potential eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano.

Travel Spark

8 Things I learned about the world (and myself) when traveling internationally for the first time

There are some things I notice about international travel, as well as myself, each time I leave the safety of my home.

Travel Spark


Businesses Warming Up To Local Climate Change Resolution

A resolution presented before the Bend City Council is looking to effect environmental change locally, but has been causing controversy due to the way it was introduced.

Bend Source Weekly

Utilities, states work together to expand EV charging infrastructure

Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure has a long way to go in the United States, but creating a solid plan will help consumers and utilities reach their goals.

Daily Energy Insider

D.C. distributed energy proposal draws concerns of increased cybersecurity risks

The District of Columbia is considering creating a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Authority within the city, making the district the first jurisdiction within the United States with a similar plan for its energy future.

Daily Energy Insider

N.H. governor vetoes energy bill citing high cost to electric ratepayers

New Hampshire Senate Bill 446 was vetoed by Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday, a move seen as a win for ratepayers and customer advocates.

Daily Energy Insider

Southern California Edison pushes for major expansion of EV charging station infrastructure

Southern California Edison (SCE) is adding thousands of additional charging stations to their Charge Ready program, a pilot program to increase availability of charging ports for passenger electric vehicles (EV).

Daily Energy Insider

Tesla and the electric vehicle battery tipping point: Are we there yet?

Tesla plans to enhance its stamp on the smart grid industry — but this time it will be from the home.

Smart Grid News

Georgia senators want a share of offshore energy profits

Two United States Senators from Georgia have joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers who are asking for Georgia and other coastal states to share in the profits from developed offshore energy.


Storing the Sun

The Tesla Powerwall is coming to Central Oregon — bringing with it innovations in energy storage.

Bend Bulletin

AEE, CRES Forum push for federal actions to hasten advanced energy investments

According to a new study by Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) and CRES (Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions) Forum, Congress can make five changes that would propel the modernization of the grid forward.

Daily Energy Insider

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